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The network has grown to importance business all the time, so the problems of services directly affect on customer satisfaction and business result. Therefore is worth investing in adequate performance and to avoid problems.

Predictus secures operations easily and cost-effectively. Our service solutions that is automated and dynamically adaptable to change. It continuously monitors the web service and its performance status is known at all times. Interpretation of the results is easy due to a clear graphical report. You can see illustrative the safety margin and a forecast of how the performance is unfolding in the future.



You know for sure the maximum capacity of your web service

Predictus lets you know how many clients network service will be able to serve at the same time. In addition, you will be notified of backup systems functionality in real situations. This is worth always make sure also in virtual and cloud computing environments.

You manage your service response times

You'll always know how the response times will change as the load increases and are able to to ensure that all customers receive an adequate service quality. Reliable preliminary data tells you when to act, so that the problems can not even arise.

Increase the sales

The service slowdown and outages often lead to major losses in sales. Losses can reach up to hundreds of of thousands of euros per hour. Service restoration to working order can take several hours, so the financial losses are very large. In addition to losses caused by brand image, and a clear decrease in customer satisfaction.

Save the costs

Server installations are often designed overestimated, because the methods of assessment are inadequate. Indiscriminate overcapacity does not, however, guarantee the service is operational, and the fact is, only the unnecessary additional costs. The removal of excess capacity, you can easily save tens of thousands of euros in the service life cycle.

Ensure business continuity

The user has a low threshold to change the network service provider if the service does not work in a satisfactory manner. If a user rejects the service even once, it's hard to get return to a customer. Performance problems pose quite spectacular news headlines, so the brand image loss increases, and they exacerbate the problems caused to the business.

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